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Team Rewire

Updated: Apr 10, 2023

When I was introduced to DNRS in 2016, the concept of rewiring my limbic system to overcome chronic illness was a big paradigm shift for me. As a former chiropractor, I was very familiar with the nervous system, but not neuroplasticity and how the brain can be rewired to overcome chronic illness. One of the things that I found very challenging in the rewiring process was that while I had stepped into this new paradigm for healing, my friends and family had not, and didn’t understand what I was doing.

This caused me to feel alone and isolated from the people I was closest to. I often felt that I was tucked away in my bedroom trying to do my practice and isolated from everyone else. Or if I was with my friends and family, I often felt that I was in my head wrestling with my thoughts and limbic system, and not even remotely present or engaged with them.

If I tried to explain this new approach to healing with my friends and family, I would quickly get flustered, overwhelmed and then triggered. They would have lots of unanswered questions and would leave the conversation even more confused than they had been before we talked. In the five years that I have been coaching others in the rewiring process, I have found this to be a very common pattern. Many clients feel alone, unsupported and misunderstood in their rewiring journey.

In my experience, it’s not that friends and family don’t want to support us, they just don’t understand this new paradigm and how they can help us in the rewiring process. Many of them don’t have the time or desire to watch a lot of videos to learn about this new approach, so they often don’t step into this new path of healing with us.

With all of this in mind, I have created a class for friends and family called Team Rewire. It’s a simple, easy to understand, hour long class that helps friends and family step into this new paradigm of rewiring the brain to overcome chronic illness. The class is designed to take the burden of explaining this new approach off of you and help them understand not only what you are doing, but also how they can actively support you in the rewiring process. That way you don’t feel like you are tucked away in your little corner of the house trying to heal and instead feel that you have a team supporting you in this journey. So instead of giving you one more thing to do (I know full well how much time and energy it takes to rewire the limbic system) and sharing ideas about how to get your friends and family onboard with this new approach, please share this clip from my Team Rewire class with them instead. It’s filled with easy to understand information about what the limbic system is, how it impacts our health and how they can begin to step into this new paradigm with you.

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Connie Boczarski has been coaching clients in using neuroplasticity and other regulating resources to regain their health since 2018. She is excited to expand her services and offer support to friends and family. If you would like more information about Team Rewire, or other services she offers, please visit

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Nov 05, 2023


Well done!!! Excellent idea to provide information and a group for family and friends.

Linda Stacey 🤗


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