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Team Rewire 

  • Do you find it triggering to try and explain limbic system impairment to your loved ones?

  • Would you like more support from your friends and family, but they don’t know how to?

  • Does it feel isolating to be doing your practice and no one in your family understands what you’re doing?

  • Have your friends and family asked for more information about what you are doing, but don’t have the time to do a lot of research and learning?

Team Rewire for friends and family is an hour class where your loved ones can learn about limbic system impairment, the rewiring process and how they can best support you in the process. Each class will meet on Zoom for one hour and will be limited to 24 participants. The class will be filled with information about how they can step into this new paradigm and be part of your rewiring team. Participants will also be able to submit questions prior to the class and these questions will then be discussed with the group.

Recorded On Demand Class Coming Soon

$30 for the class

Sign Up To Be Notified When Class is Released

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