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Individual Coaching

  • Do you have questions about how to implement neuroplasticity to rewire your brain and customize the practice for your specific needs?

  • Are you wondering how you can combine brain retraining with other approaches such as polyvagal theory or other body-based modalities?

  • Would it be helpful to connect with someone who has been down the path you are on and can help guide you and steer you away from some of the potential pitfalls?

  • Are you looking for input about other regulating resources that can support you on your rewiring journey?

Individual coaching is designed to provide information that is tailored for you and your specific needs. I strive to meet each person where they are at and customize my input to you, your life and what resonates with you personally. It can be challenging at times to see the big picture and figure out what to do or change when your brain and nervous system are dysregulated, and that’s where I can come in and help.


My goal in every one-on-one session is to provide clarity, encouragement and practical suggestions for moving forward.


Schedule an individual coaching session with Connie: 

Individual Coaching Sessions

New Client: 60 Minute Session $155

Established Client: 50 Minute Session $140

Established Client: 30 Minute Session $80

Coaching Packages

1x 60 Minute New Client Session + 2x50 $370

4x50 Minute Sessions $448

4x30 Minute Sessions $256

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