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My Approach

Prior to becoming chronically ill, I was a chiropractor for over a decade. My education and experience as a chiropractor have been invaluable as a foundation in understanding how to repattern the brain and nervous system to achieve balance and regulation. When I was working as a chiropractor, I really enjoyed getting to know my patients and coming up with care plans that were tailored to each person’s individual goals and needs. I strive to bring that approach into coaching and enjoy being flexible and creative when figuring out what is the best approach for each individual.

With this in mind, I like to see things as guidelines instead of rules. I find that being too strict and dogmatic can be counterproductive when rewiring the brain, and actually continue to reinforce the stress response we are trying to calm down. A rigid approach can feed into the perfectionism and inflexible thinking that the limbic system thrives on and does not help to calm the nervous system. Instead, I try to use my extensive knowledge and experience with repatterning the brain and nervous system as a foundation to devise an approach that is responsive to each person’s unique needs and journey.



I am also deeply committed to continuing to grow and learn about the brain and nervous system. Thankfully, I’m fascinated about how trauma and stress can impact the brain and nervous system and how that can be reversed, so it doesn’t feel like work. This commitment to on-going education allows me to continue to add to my toolkit as a coach and find more holistic bottom-up (body to brain) and top-down (brain to body) interventions that can assist in the rewiring process. I often experiment with these other healing modalities and have found that many of them have helped my brain and nervous system attain an even higher level of balance and regulation.

Wealth of knowledge and advice. Really listens to understand. Able to tailor coaching to my current needs. Sessions are always of immense value.

- J.B., M.D.

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