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Recovering Together: Group Coaching

Group classes are designed to provide connection, community,

support and guidance in the rewiring process along with  accountability to keep you moving forward in your healing. Classes will be limited to 20 participants to allow for ample discussion time and will meet on Zoom for one hour each week for 12 weeks. We often stay a little longer than an hour, so please give yourself some wiggle room.

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There will also be a Pay It Forward Seat in each class. This spot is reserved for someone that is not financially able to cover the cost of the class. Many people were incredibly generous with me when I was ill and this is my way of honoring them and keeping the spirit of lifting each other up going.

Individual Coaching

Individual coaching is designed to provide information that is tailored for you and your specific needs. I strive to meet each person where they are at and customize my input to you, your life and what resonates with you personally. It can be challenging at times to see the big picture and figure out what to do or change when your brain and nervous system are dysregulated, and that’s where I can come in and help. My goal in every one-on-one session is to provide clarity, encouragement and practical suggestions for moving forward.

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Team Rewire for Friends and Family

Group classes for friends and family are designed to take the burden off you and help your loved ones gain a better understanding of the limbic system and how they can support you in the rewiring process. Stepping into the principles of neuroplasticity and rewiring the brain is a big paradigm shift for most of us and frequently those around us don’t feel like they are on the same page.

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