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Recovering Together

Recovering Together: Group Coaching

  • Do you want to connect with others that understand the unique healing journey you are on?

  • Would you like to be inspired and motivated to stay committed to your practice?

  • Do you have questions about how to implement your limbic system retraining program?

  • Have questions out how to combine your brain retraining with polyvagal work or other supportive modalities?

  • Would you like to do all of the above in a setting that is safe, encouraging and uplifting?

Group classes are designed to provide connection, community,

support and guidance in the rewiring process, as well as accountability to

keep you moving forward in your healing.


Classes will be limited to 20 participants to allow for ample discussion time and will meet on Zoom for one hour each week for 12 weeks. We often stay a little longer than an hour, so please give yourself some wiggle room.


New Class Starting On:

Tuesday, May 28th at 7 PM EST-Sold Out

Wednesday, June 5th at 1:30 PM EST

$265 one time payment or $285 spread out over 3 installments of $95

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One Time Payment:

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3 monthly payments via Subscription: 

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What Others Have Shared About Group Work With Connie:

"Being in Connie's group was a turning point for me and helped me be where I am today-recovered thriving and valuing life again"

Pay It Forward Seat

There will also be a Pay It Forward Seat in each class. This spot is reserved for someone that is not financially able to cover the cost of the class. Many people were incredibly generous with me when I was ill and this is my way of honoring them and keeping the spirit of lifting each other up going. 

A few things to keep in mind with the Pay It Forward Seat:

  • This is reserved for someone that truly needs some help, if you can afford to pay, please do.

  • If you are selected for the Pay It Forward Seat, please consider how you will keep the spirit of giving going. When you are feeling better and the time is right, please find a way to lift someone else up in whatever way makes sense for you.

  • All applications for and recipients of the Pay It Forward Seat will be strictly confidential. I respect your privacy and will uphold it.

Apply for the Pay It Forward Seat Here: 

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