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New to Recovering Together and Want to Know What to Expect?

  • Each week four people will be selected to bring a question to the following week’s class. I will spend the first half of class answering these questions. Even if it’s not your turn to ask a question, there is always something you can learn from each question and answer.

  • I will also share a check-in question each week that we will spend the second half of the following week’s class discussing. The check-in question is an opportunity for you all to share your knowledge, wisdom and insights about the rewiring process. The check-in questions are designed to help you take action during the week and improve your practice.

  • You can participate as much or as little as you are comfortable with. Many participants find group classes to be helpful in rewiring around social interactions and often become more comfortable speaking over the course of the 12 weeks.

  • I will be there to support and guide the session to help ensure that we keep our focus on recovery and moving forward, instead of symptoms and illness.

  • Have more questions? Please don’t hesitate to reach out and send me an email on the Contact page.

How Recovering Together May Be Different From Other Group Classes You Have Taken:

  • The class is limited to 20 people instead of 24. Each week 4 participants ask a question instead of 5. This allows more time for the questions to be answered thoroughly and for follow-up discussions when needed.


  • It is okay to ask about and discuss other modalities that compliment brain retraining such as polyvagal work and somatic practices.


  • Many of the weekly check-in questions are designed to help you take action each week instead of just thinking about a topic.


  • Classes are led with neuroplasticity and brain retraining as the foundation, along with a healthy dose of flexibility to avoid the rigidity and perfectionism that often come in with brain retraining.


  • Each class has one Pay It Forward Seat that is reserved for someone that is not able to financially cover the cost of the class. This is my way of giving back and honoring the people that were generous with me while I was recovering.


"Group work with Connie helped me be where I am today-recovered thriving and valuing life again"

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