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My Job and My Brain's Job

One of the powerful things about group classes is what the participants share. I never cease to be amazed by all of the knowledge, wisdom and insight that is shared each week. So much so, that I often find myself jotting down a quick note to remember some of the gems that were shared. 💎

Several months ago, we were discussing how to stay focused on rewiring the brain and nervous system instead of chasing symptoms. From what I have seen, this is something that everyone struggles with at times. The pull to try and figure out symptoms and how to make them go away, can be very strong, especially when symptoms are increased. The brain often does a really good job of convincing us that if we just think about it long enough/ruminate we'll figure out how to heal.

One participant shared she approaches this by remembering what her job is and what her brain’s job is. Her brain’s job is to heal her body. It knows how to do that and does not need help figuring that out. She doesn't need to know or understand how everything will heal, because her brain has that covered. It doesn't need her to do that.

Her job is her focus and where she chooses to place her attention. By being mindful of this and choosing what is deserving of her focus and what isn't, she is doing her job. That's it. She reminds herself what a powerful tool her attention is and that she always has control over where she places it.

When she finds herself trying to figure out how certain symptoms are going to heal, she reminds herself to stay in her lane. Her lane is her focus, her brain’s lane is healing her body. She went on to share that she tries to remind herself that she can help her brain do its job by focusing on things that elevate her mood and make her feel good. By doing this she helps her brain do its job while staying in her lane.

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2 comentários

08 de dez. de 2023


Great reminder and awesome insight.

Thank you.

Linda Stacey


Susan Losey
Susan Losey
04 de dez. de 2023

That's a good way to look at things. Thanks for sharing this insight. My job is to focus on elevating my mood, which sometimes means calming myself too.


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