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Updated: Oct 23, 2023

In my last post about using the word safe, I discussed that we want to start trusting our own experience instead of following rules in an attempt to “get things right”. That it’s common to not trust ourselves when our limbic system is impaired. There were so many questions about this loss of confidence and why it matters that I thought I would share a little more about it.

When our limbic system is impaired, we often don’t know what to expect from day to day. The things that others do without thinking twice about it, don’t come easily to us. Because of this we commonly lose trust in our body, our judgement, others, the world, and on and on. This lack of confidence matters because we often get stuck in a pattern of doubting ourselves. We might doubt our ability to heal, our ability to make good decisions or our ability to work through a challenging situation, just to name a few.

The reason this matters is because all of that doubt does not send a message of safety to the brain. Confidence does. Confidence tells the brain “I’ve got this”, “I can figure this out”, “I have tools and can navigate this”. “I can” naturally goes along with confidence, while doubt tends to hang out with fear and “I can’t”.

Rewiring the brain does require a certain amount of confidence and an “I can” attitude. We are overriding the brain’s survival networks with our tools. Those survival messages can be strong, they are meant to be. Human beings wouldn’t still be around if we saw a tiger and were scared for 10 seconds and then forgot about it. Our natural survival instincts are meant to be strong and redirecting out of them goes much better when we can bring some confidence into our approach.

The good news is that we can fake it till we make it with confidence and teach the brain this new pattern of “I can” just like anything else. So, if you are reading this and thinking “Oh no, I’m not very confident”, that’s ok, you can teach yourself and your brain this new pattern. Stepping into more confidence tells your limbic system it can relax, because you’ve got it covered.

Stayed tuned for part 2 of my blog on confidence where I'll share some ways you can start teaching your brain this new empowered pattern of confidence.

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Nov 07, 2023


Actually what I needed to read today...I will be reading this daily.

Thank you.

Linda Stacey 💥


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