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Connie’s Credentials:

  • I am a chiropractic physician and practiced for 15 years before retiring due to health issues.

  • I was trained by and worked for one of the top brain retraining companies from 2017-2022. During those years, I trained and supervised other coaches, taught at in-person seminars, led group coaching classes and coached individual clients.


Courses I have taken in the past few years:

  • several seminars with Dr Stephen Porges on polyvagal theory

  • a course on trauma taught by Peter Levine

  • Smart Body/Smart Mind to learn about somatics with Irene Lyon

  • a functional neurology seminar on the autonomic nervous system taught by Dr Stangel

  • a three day seminar on limiting core beliefs

  • a seminar on chronic pain with Dr Kaufman

  • a seminar on frequency specific microcurrent with Dr McMakin

  • multiple webinars on mold led by various practitioners

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